Cuts To Military Pay And Benefits


Virginia Cuts Taxes On Military Retirement Pay But Several States Go

Under the new law, starting in 2022, Virginia is making up to $10,000 in military retirement pay tax-free for those ages 55 and older. The state income-tax deduction will increase by $10,000 each …

Minimum Wage And The Military What Gets Cut The American Spectator

Given that the $15-per-hour minimum wage is applicable for all government contractors, when will that be applied to the military? Fifteen dollars an hour works out to about $31,200 annually.
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Wow Congress Cuts Military Pay Opens Entitlements For Illegals

It literally doesn't make economic sense and it is just wrong to cut military pay and benefits after all these men and women have done for our country. Soldier pay has officially been cutmilitary housing allowances have officially been cutand soldiers and their families will have to pay more out-of-pocket for healthcare. …

Sign Petition Don x27 t Cut Military Pay And Benefits

Once again, cuts in military pay and benefits are being considered in order to trim government spending. Many military members have families to support, and have trouble making ends meet. Taking even more money from them would place them in a financial hardship. They wouldn't be able to save money for the future, and if the member gets killed …
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Congress Cuts Military Benefits Extends Benefits To Illegals

While Congress is poised to cut the benefits our troops and veterans receive, illegal aliens who become 'legalized' under Obama's amnesty will automatically become eligible for Medicare and social security when they come of age. This is absolutely ridiculous! It is unacceptable for Congress to cut our military's pay and benefits!

Report Calling For Troop And Retiree Pay Cuts Is Grossly Misleading

Congress recently passed new, significant cuts to military retirement benefits for 2018 and subsequent entrants to fund new benefits for those who leave service short of a career.

Exact Amount Benefit Payments Could Be Cut From April

Millions receiving benefits face a real-terms pay cut worth hundreds. Liz Truss' refusal to raise benefits in line with inflation could mean that millions will have their monthly payments cut by …

Veterans Retirees Get 8 7 Social Security Cost of living Boost

Oct 13, 06:34 AM. Social Security officials on Thursday announced an 8.7% cost-of-living increase in benefits for 2023. (Getty Images) Veterans and retirees will see an 8.7% cost-of-living …
deal with pay cuts

How To Deal With Pay Cuts Military

If a pay reduction is unavoidable, it may be possible for you to negotiate additional unpaid time off. For instance, if you're asked to take a 10 percent reduction in pay, you could ask for an …
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Pentagon Signals End To Cuts For Military Pay And Benefits

Military troops and their families can breathe a sigh of relief.

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