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Most military allowances are not subject to federal taxation, but there are exceptions (see below). So a service member's basic pay will be taxed, but not the housing allowance, separate rations allowance or BAS (basic allowance for subsistence), clothing allowance, etc. » MORE: Veterans Can Buy a Home with $0 Down
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Non-Excludable TaxesMilitary pay for earned while in a combat zone is subject to Social Security and Medicare taxes and will appear on your W-2. Period Covered – You will receive the exclusion for months you served in a combat zone, including partial months of service.

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Most military retirement pay is treated (and taxed) as normal income, but in certain cases it can be excluded In the eyes of the federal government military retired pay is no different from any other form of income, which means that you have to pay income tax on it. Generally payment you receive as a member of the military is taxed as wages.
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Special Tax Breaks For Military Members Military

If you serve in a combat zone as an enlisted service member or as a warrant officer for any part of a month, all your income for that month is exempt from federal taxes.
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You may not have to pay federal income taxes on your military pension. Use the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) online tool and online publication to find out. Military Retirement and Social Security Benefits
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Expert Answers: In the military, the federal government generally only taxes base pay, and many states waive income taxes. Other military pay—things like housing allowances, … The following states don't require military members to pay state income tax on military retirement pay because there is simply no state income tax collected: Alaska …
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Base pay is taxable unless you are actively serving in a designated tax-free combat zone. You'll pay federal income tax, Social Security, Medicare, and state taxes on your base pay. Some states do not tax military pay, while a few others won't tax it unless you are stationed within the state.
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What is the federal tax rate for military retirement pay? Up to $6,250 plus 25% of retired pay over that amount is tax-free for 2019. That will increase to 50% in 2020, 75% in 2021 and 100% for taxable years beginning after 2021. Up to $31,110 is tax-free, you may be able to exclude more in some situations.

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Taxable Military Income. If you're in the military, there are are specific rules about what you must report to the IRS as income. Unless you received payment for service in a combat zone, include these items in your reported gross income: Special compensation for assistance with activities of daily living (SCAADL) Student loan repayment from programs like the Department of Defense Educational Loan Repayment Program — only when the required year's service isn't spent in a combat zone.
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Military Tax Issues Department Of Revenue Kentucky

Kentucky allows a pension income exclusion of up to $31,110* for all pension income that is reported as taxable and included in the federal adjusted gross income. You may be able to exclude more than $31,110. If you are retired military and receive pension income greater than $31,110, you will need to complete Kentucky Schedule P Kentucky Pension Income Exclusion.

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