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Monthly Pay And Allowances US Army 1970 71 Site/1st Bn 6th Inf Web Site Off Line/cdPay70-71.html

The following pay chart shows the pay and allowances for soldiers serving in Vietnam in 1970. In addition to the amounts shown below, both officers and enlisted received $65.00 per month. hostile fire pay and $30.00 family separation pay (officers, and enlisted over 4 years of service). As "deluxe" meals were served to soldiers in the Battalion …

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Overseas Duty Pay: +$8 (Enlisted), +$16 (Officers). Granted to personnel serving outside of the United States and its territories. This is in addition to potential pay for family and dependents (living stateside in non-military housing), separate quarters allowance (living off-base), and separate rations allowance (eating meals off-base).
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2022 Veterans Pension Rates Military

Housebound veteran with one dependent. $22,596. Veteran who needs aid and attendance and has no dependents. $24,610. Veteran who needs aid and attendance (A/A) and has one dependent. $29,175. Two …
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Approximately 66% of Vietnam Veterans have said that they were proud of the time in service and what they did during the Vietnam War. Approximately 87% of the general public now hold Vietnam Veterans in high. GLOBAL MILITARY RANKS U.S. MILITARY PAY America paid a terrible price for its involvement in the Vietnam War – nearly 60,000 killed-in …

MPC Military Payment Certificate My Vietnam Experience

Military Payment Certificates, or MPC, were used from the end of World War II until the end of the Vietnam War, between the years 1946 and 1973. MPC's utilized layers of line lithography to create colorful banknotes that could be produced cheaply. Fifteen series of MPC's were created but only 13 series were issued….

What Is An FNG In The Military During Vietnam War

3. FNG Purposes. It was used by the existing units of Vietnam War American soldiers to address new recruits. Other than combatant troops, the term was used by Army and Marine chaplains and medics. So, today, we often hear of FNG Army or FNG Marine together. This was because, during the war, all units had an FNG.
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Military Pay Chart 1968 Navycs

1968 US military basic pay charts reflecting a 6.9% raise effective on July 1, 1968 and continued to be in effect until June 30, 1969. … on January 2, as the Vietnam War was really starting to escalate, and Public Law 90-235 was approved. In the law states, "The Secretary concerned shall conduct intensive recruiting campaigns to obtain …
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During the Vietnam War, the structure and distribution of the tax exclusion remained largely in place. A raise in the maximum officer exclusion to $500 per month … evolving policy on military pay and federal tax policy on the CZTE. Chapter 2 details the origins of the first tax exclusions as the nation's response to the proper
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1968 1980 Military Hazardous Duty Pay Chart Navycs

Submarine and Aviation Hazard Pay Rates in effect from October 1, 1967 to September 30, 1980. Amounts are monthly in U.S. dollar. Enlisted military hazard pay chart to over 8 years of service. Enlisted military hazard pay chart from over 10 to over 18 years of service. * NAVCAD end-date for pay, September 30, 1978.

Five cents Military Payment Certificate Air Mobility Command Museum

Description. Military payment certificates (MPCs) were used as currency to pay military in designated zones during the Vietnam War. They were issued in amounts from five cents to 20 dollars. The certificates were converted to different designs on a regular, classified basis to deter black market use. Filed In:

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