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Defense has certified for combat zone tax benefits due to its direct support of military operations, or (3) established by statute as a Qualified Hazardous Duty Area where the service member receives imminent danger pay. Members of the U.S. Armed Forces who serve in a combat zone may exclude military pay from their taxable income.
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For 2003, the monthly combat pay exclusion for officers totals $5,957.70. For 2004, it totals $6,315.90. Amounts excluded from gross income are not subject to federal income tax. Q-2: My husband …
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Is My Military Income Taxable To Louisiana Support

Subtractions From Income; Other Subtractions; Select Other Exempt Income and enter the deduction amount below; Select 10E – Military Pay Exclusion – Up to $30,000; Enter Other Exempt Income deduction from above – enter amount of military pay that can be excluded; Save; See instructions for 10E – Military Pay Exclusion found here for calculation rules.
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Provisions Excludable Income – You can exclude the following income related to military compensation: Basic Pay – All for every… Basic Pay – All for every month you are present in a combat zone. Reenlistment or Continuation Bonuses – You can exclude this income if the reenlistment or the execution …
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Individual Income Tax Military Pay Exclusion from Louisiana Individual Income Tax Act 161 of the 2021 Regular Session of the Louisiana Legislature changed the state income tax exemption amount from $30,000 to $50,000 for certain military personnel beginning in tax year 2022. Taxpayers who served 120 or more consecutive days on full-time
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Any additional DEIP payments provided to service members serving at their home station is considered income as they are no longer considered deployed. OTHER INCOME AND HOUSEHOLD SIZE. We will continue to count only that portion of the deployed service member's income made available by them or on their behalf to the household as income.
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Which States Tax My Active Duty Or Reserve Military Pay

Missouri–All Active-Duty military pay included in Federal AGI including pay on Title 10 or Title 32, Annual Training, and for Active Training or Schools are not taxed and are classified as a "Military Income Deduction". For 2021, 40% of Inactive duty military pay for National Guard (NG) Inactive Duty Training, NG Annual Training, Reserve duty—must file copies of Leave and Earnings Statements as validation
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What income is excludable? Excludable income does not have to be reported as income on the tax return. The exclusion applies whether the item is furnished in kind, or is a reimbursement or an allowance. For example, the Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) can be excluded from gross income as a qualified military benefit. Excludable income will not be included in the amount on Form W-2, Box 1.

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There is a f ederal exemption to income for military income earned if the taxpayer served in a combat zone. Here are the requirements: You must be a member of the United States Armed Forces . Entitlement to the compensation must have fully accrued in a month during which the member served in a designated combat zone or was hospitalized as a result of wounds, disease, or injury incurred while serving in a designated combat zone.
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Earned Income Credit And Combat Pay Military

Military personnel have the option of treating excludable combat pay (but not BAH or BAS) as earned income for purposes of the EITC. This could mean getting tax credit for untaxed income.

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