Obama Gives Military Pay Raise

bigger pay raise for troops hits opposition in senate 1

Bigger Pay Raise For Troops Hits Opposition In Senate


A key Senate panel said it is backing the Obama administration proposal of a 1.6 percent military raise for the coming year, a rate that again falls below private sector wage growth and is at odds…

Record Pay Increase Likely Coming For Military Retirees And Disabled


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Obama Gives Military 1 Percent Pay Raise Washington Free Beacon


Obama Gives Military 1 Percent Pay Raise AP Adam Kredo • December 22, 2014 3:33 pm A majority of U.S. military service members will receive a 1 percent pay raise in their basic pay beginning in…
obama guts military but gives raises to bureaucrats?w=300

Obama Guts Military But Gives Raises To Bureaucrats


Obama guts military but gives raises to bureaucrats. H ard facts ought to prevail where American security is concerned. This applies equally whether the issue at hand is the geopolitical …

Fact Check Trump Told Troops He Gave Them First Raise In Years He


Military pay rose every year under Obama. For 2017, Obama approved a 2.1% increase. He also authorized a 1.3% increase for 2016, a 1.0% increase for 2015, a 1.0% increase for 2014, a 1.7% increase…

Obama Orders 1 3 Percent Military Pay Raise Next Year


President Obama informed Congress Friday that he'll follow through with plans to cap military pay raises at 1.3 percent next year, as part of an effort to keep down mounting defense spending. In a…

Obama Cuts Military Pay 3rd Year In A Row Snopes


The Obama administration's 2017 budget calls for a 1.6% increase in military pay. As to the claim that the capped pay increase for 2016 resulted in a wage of less than $3 per hour for grade E-4…
obama signs off on pay raise for federal workers

Obama Signs Off On Pay Raise For Federal Workers


Military and civilian workers will get a 1 percent raise, consistent with the level laid out in Mr. Obama's budget proposal. The order had to be signed before Jan. 1 to allow federal agencies to …
obama gives federal workers a 1 percent raise?w=300

Obama Gives Federal Workers A 1 Percent Raise The Two Way NPR NPR


In 2012, Obama recommended a 0.5 percent pay raise for 2013, only to have it struck down by Congress. "Congress had the chance to do the same when it ended the government shutdown in October, but …

The President And Military Pay Raises FactCheck


The president, we were told, meant to say it was the largest pay raise. Basic pay for the military did increase by 2.4 percent on Jan. 1, 2018 — the largest in eight years. But pay increases are…

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