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Obama To Cut Health Benefits For Active Retired Military


A A. An Obama administration plan to have military families and retirees pay much more for healthcare, while unionized civilian workers' benefits are untouched, is causing a major rift in the Pentagon, reports The Washington Free Beacon. The proposal is part of the defense budget's cuts. Several congressional aides say the move may be part of the administration's efforts to increase enrollment in Obamacare's state-run insurance exchanges.

Misleading On Military Pay FactCheck


First, it is true that Obama proposed a 1.4 percent base pay raise for members of the military in his budget for fiscal year 2011. Civilian federal employees would get the same 1.4 percent. That …

Obama Eliminates Combat Pay Snopes


Beginning with Feb. 15 [2012] paychecks, troops will be paid only for the actual days they spend in a qualifying danger pay location, Pentagon officials said. Under the previous policy, troops who …
a fighting chance for obamas proposed military cuts?w=300

A Fighting Chance For Obama x27 s Proposed Military Cuts NPR


Transcript. The President's new budget proposes cutting the Army to its lowest troop level since before World War II. Todd Harrison of the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments weighs in …

Obama Cuts Military Pay For 3rd Year In A Row Truth And Action


Obama Cuts Military Pay for 3rd year in a row. While shouting that the minimum wage for illegal aliens working at McDonalds should be $15. an hour, President Obama used a loophole in the US Code deter a pay raise to the military. The lower pay increase translates to a Pay Grade E-4 (Corporal, Petty Officer 3d Class, Specialist 4, Senior Airman) with less than three years in service will earn less than $3.00 an hour.
obamas cuts leave every military branch weaker 911?w=300

Obama x27 s Cuts Leave Every Military Branch Weaker Than On 9 11


Obama's cuts leave every military branch weaker than on 9/11. James Jay Carafano is a leading expert in national security and foreign policy challenges. A "tiger mom" might go ballistic if her …

Help Me Debunk Friends Claim Obama Cutting Military Benefits


Gertz wrote: A second congressional aide said the administration's approach to the cuts shows a double standard that hurts the military. "We all recognize that we are in a time of austerity," this aide said. "But defense has made up to this point 50 percent of deficit reduction cuts that we agreed to, but is only 20 percent of the …

No Cuts For Military Vets FactCheck


But one of the offsetting cuts was a reduction in future cost-of-living adjustments to the pensions of military retirees that would cut spending by an estimated $6.2 billion over 10 years …
fact check has president obama depleted the military?w=300

Fact Check Has President Obama x27 Depleted x27 The Military NPR NPR


Army trainers conduct drills at a military base in Taji, Iraq last year. President Obama has slashed defense spending and will leave his successor with a weaker military force — or so Republican …

Obama Cuts Military Pensions Exempts ObamaCare Subsidies


On the heels of announcing that Army troop levels will be cut below pre-World War II levels, the Military Times has reported that the Obama administration is planning to reduce military pension…

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