Obama Proposed Military Pay Increase


Obama Orders Pay Raise For Military Fed Workers The Hill


Getty Images. President Obama on Friday ordered a 1 percent across-the-board base pay increase for federal civilian workers and a 1.3 percent raise for members of the military in 2016. For federal …

Obama Administration Proposes Pay Freeze For Military


In 2013, a 1.7 percent increase was approved, based on the index, which has been the basis for military pay for the last several years. Three Pentagon officials have confirmed details of the plan …

Obama Proposes Cap In Military Members x27 Pay Raise


President Obama reportedly has told Congress that the US military pay raise slated to begin next year will be capped at 1 percent, instead of the 1.8 percent increase mandated by federal law. "I am strongly committed to supporting our uniformed service members, who have made such great contributions to our nation over the past decade of war," his letter to congressional leaders reads.

White House Presses For TRICARE Fee Increases


Right now, TRICARE Prime retirees pay $273.84 annually for individual coverage and $547.68 per year for family coverage through Sept. 30, 2014. Under Obama's plan, for example, family coverage …

Obama Congress Tussle Over Military Pay Raises MyBaseGuide


In addition to keeping military pay lower, President Obama has also proposed cutting the number of troops in each branch. These suggested cuts did not make it into the defense spending bill. Under the bill set forth by Congress, the Army would be set at 476,000 soldiers, about 16,000 more than the White House had requested.

Obama Cuts Military Pay 3rd Year In A Row Snopes


The Obama administration's 2017 budget calls for a 1.6% increase in military pay. As to the claim that President Obama called for "illegal aliens working at McDonald's" to earn a minimum …
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2023 Proposed Military Pay Raise Military


The White House and Congress have proposed a 4.6% pay raise for the military in 2023, the largest in nearly two decades. For your personalized pay and allowance computation check out our free …

Obama To Raise Federal Military Pay By 1 Percent


President Barack Obama is offering civilian federal workers and members of the military a 1 percent pay increase in 2015, the same raise he offered last year citing efforts to keep government …

The President And Military Pay Raises FactCheck


On Jan. 1, 2018, basic pay increased 2.4 percent — up from a 2.1 percent increase in 2017 and 1.3 percent in 2016. When we contacted the White House, we were told that Trump was referring to his …
obama orders largest pay raise for u s military in six years gop outraged 001092799

Obama Orders Largest Pay Raise For U S Military In Six Years GOP Outraged


When Obama ordered the military pay raise last summer, he also included a 1 percent raise for civilian workers. The decision came after Democrats in the House and Senate had previously proposed a raise of as high as 3.8 percent, but was shot down by congressional Republicans. The raise Obama has called for would be the highest since 2010, as …

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