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Because of this, he gets to live off post. The Army now pays him BAH (basic allowance for housing) and BAS (basic allowance for sustenance). BAH for an E4, unmarried, in Hawaii is near enough $3000 / month. The food allowance is something like $350. So now his $2500 / month has become $5850 / month, or $70,200 / year.

The Real Problem With Military Salaries And Compensation


The military is not incentivizing the right things or the right people. An outstanding soldier who goes above and beyond the call of duty earns the same paycheck as one who is on the "retired on …
Why do members of the military make so little money?share=1?w=300

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Answer (1 of 30): The intention of the founders of this country was not to have a standing army, but to raise a militia whenever necessary. In a democracy, ideally, there is no need for a military class since relationships between and among people are more equal, unlike the top-down structure of …

Are Military Personnel Paid Less Than Minimum Wage Fiscal Tiger


However, at the very basic level, active military members do not get paid less than minimum wage. For instance, an E1 private with less than 2 years experience can make $19,198.80 annually, not counting any of the allowances or bonuses discussed earlier. Someone that makes minimum wage (currently $7.25) and works full-time makes $13,920 as …
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Many families (not just the military) are struggling right now. But at least with the military there is guaranteed training, income and benefits, as well as increases in pay as time goes on. The military gives Soldiers and their families much more than most civilian employers ever could.

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February 27, 2010. One great myth in American society is that military personnel are poorly paid. That was true until the 1980s, when a push to improve recruit quality boosted military pay each year at twice the inflation rate. The military was once known for low pay yet great retirement, but now has great pay as well.

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The difference between a civvy job and a joining up is that living expenses are much less so a lower wage leaves you a greater 'take home pay' for the same gross. Are you saying living expenses in the forces are less? If so, try paying a mortgage and being in the forces while your family are living in your house.
why the us military faces a growing recruiting crisis

Why The U S Military Faces A Growing Recruiting Crisis


The U.S. military faces a growing recruiting shortfall — one so large that legislators are getting concerned. "The Army has to recognize that there's been an evolution in that young …
military update study says va disability pay is too low for some 1

Military Update Study Says VA Disability Pay Is Too Low For Some


CNA noted that a 25-year-old veteran who returned from war 100 percent disabled from physical wounds and was rated as unemployable by the VA began receiving $28,352 a year in disability …
6 reasons military civilian pay dont line up

6 Reasons Military Civilian Pay Don x27 t Line Up Military


Here are six reasons why my civilian compensation didn't match up right away: State tax liability. Some states don't assess taxes on military pay. In my case, Oregon (my home of record) did not …

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